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During the Coronavirus we have gone on-line.  We have a Zoom Worship every Sunday and a weekly prayer video.  Check out the links on this page to see for yourself, or go to our Church YouTube channel.


Uniting Church Sketty is an open and welcoming church for people from all walks of life who seek to learn more about Jesus Christ.  If you are new to church or if you are looking for a church or if you simply have questions about life, then we think you might find a home with us.  Why?  Because we too are people who have questions, but we have found it better to seek God together than alone. We seek God, but in fact we know deep in our hearts that first God sought us – it’s just that sometimes, somehow, we fail to notice and grasp this.  And so we come to worship on Sundays, desiring more than anything to connect with God and to connect with each other.  There are other opportunities through the week which also offer the chance to connect. If you want to join us on a Sunday or at one of our weekday activities, you will be very welcome.



Uniting Church Sketty
Uniting Church Sketty2 days ago
We received three big collections this morning, one from Carnglas Rd, one from the Uniting Church Sketty and also from the Co op in TyCoch. Many thanks go to all those who donated, and also to the volunteers who delivered them to us again.
Uniting Church Sketty
Uniting Church Sketty2 days ago
Our natural world is in a critical condition. Rising emissions, the destruction of nature, and unsustainable levels of consumption are threatening our very future. So, as we begin to emerge from a global health crisis, what can we do to create a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone?

With Swansea alumnus Martin Spray CBE, eminent conservationist and former Chief Executive of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

Join Martin on World Wildlife Day for his thoughts on where the environmental movement stands and how we can meet the challenge of securing a healthy world for us now, and for future generations.

Book your place: http://bit.ly/3pxCkD2

Mae ein bywyd naturiol mewn cyflwr critigol. Mae allyriadau cynyddol, dinistrio byd natur a lefelau treulio anghynaliadwy yn bygwth ein dyfodol. Felly, wrth inni ddechrau dod allan o argyfwng iechyd byd-eang, beth y gallwn ni ei wneud er mwyn creu byd glanach, gwyrddach sy'n gweithio i bawb?

Gyda chyn-fyfyriwr Prifysgol Abertawe Martin Spray CBE, sy'n gadwraethwr blaenllaw ac yn Gyn-brif Weithredwr yr Ymddiriedolaeth Adar Gwyllt a Gwlypdiroedd.

Ymunwch â Martin ar Ddiwrnod Bywyd Gwyllt y Byd i glywed ei feddyliau ynghylch lle mae safbwynt y mudiad amgylcheddol a sut gallwn fodloni'r her o ddiogelu byd iach ar ein cyfer ni ar hyn o bryd, ac ar gyfer cenedlaethau'r dyfodol.

Cofrestrwch am eich lle: http://bit.ly/3pxCkD2