Uniting together, Caring for all, Seeking God

We were formally Sketty Methodist Church and Bethel United Reformed Church. We are now one Church because we think we can work better together than apart.


Uniting together

We are ordinary people, living locally, trying to make sense of life, asking questions, seeking relationship with God and the world around us.

Caring for all

We try to be an open and inclusive church, which means: you are welcome whoever you are; you are welcome whatever your lifestyle; you are welcome wherever you may be in your faith journey.

Seeking God

We follow Jesus who shows us that the way we treat others is as important as the beliefs we hold; that Christians may be concerned with injustice and suffering; that faith means acting with compassion and facing evil.


BibleWe take our faith seriously and believe that God can speak to us through the study of the bible, through prayer and worshipping together. We want to develop our understanding so that we can grow in our discipleship and make a positive difference to our community and the world.