In the evening service of 8th November 2015 we remembered those we had loved.

poppiesonfont (400 x 533)   This was the poppies on the font

There were 4 different prayer stations

100_4705 This used the children’s short story of Water bugs and dragonflies to explain death to children. Prayer Action was to colour the dragonfly. As you do so soak yourself in the understanding that although you no longer see the one you have loved, they dwell with God in the ultimate community of human existence.

100_4704  Naming those we have loved. Candles have traditionally lit in churches as an aid to prayer. A candle is a symbol of light shining in the darkness and our understanding that light is stronger than darkness. The Prayer Action; As you light a small candle (for health and safety reasons these candles are battery candles), ask God to lighten your darkness. Write the name of the one(s) you wish to remember on a small slip of paper and placed in a bowl. These slips were brought forward later in the service as part or our prayers.

100_4706 Remembering with Love Rosemary is a herb of love and remembrance. It is steeped in thousand of years of myth and tradition and is often used in healing. ‘Those we love are never more than a thought away….for as long as there’s a memory they live in our hearts to stay’. Prayer actions; Write a memory on a photo frame and take it home with you, Rub a sprig of rosemary between your fingers and smell the perfume. Rub a tiny amount of rosemary oil into your hands: the scent will linger as you leave this place as will your memories.

100_4707  Stars in Heaven. The concept of eternity and infinity are almost impossible for our human minds to comprehend. This is why death, with its seeming finality is so hard to come to terms with. So we find ways of trying to make sense of such concepts. For some people, it is helpful to look up at the night sky, teeming with stars, infinite and beautiful, and to imagine their loved ones somehow at one with such beauty and such infinity. Sometimes this is the nearest we can get to understanding the presence of God who is eternal and infinite and beyond mortal understanding. Prayer action; Write a short prayer on a star, giving thanks for loved ones. Place your star on the black of the sky.