Leslie photo for circuit website

Rev. Leslie Noon

I was born in South London, which is where I grew up and where I lived for most of my life.  I worked for 17 years for the headquarters of the Methodist Church, latterly in the Children’s Department, for I was (and still am) passionate about making church and God relevant to children of today.  Along the way, I also became passionate about making church and God relevant to people of ALL ages, and so offered for local preaching.  Although I never ever intended it to happen, somehow I found myself offering for Methodist ministry, and was trained on an ecumenical course in South London, whilst still working full time. 

It was a shock to be sent to Huddersfield for my first appointment in 2006 – but soon settled and lived and ministered there extremely happily.  After seven years, it felt right to move on, and I was shocked once more to be sent to Swansea.  However God is at work even through the Methodist stationing process and since arriving in September 2013, we have been very happy.

I have been married to Geoff since 1990 – he is a railway fan and I am a chocolate fan!

I have pastoral responsibility for Sketty and Clydach and the University Chaplaincy.