This Coffee Morning on Saturday 4th February 2017 10am-12noon. helped raise funds to support the URC Swansea Region “Churches-in-Community” Project. The morning raised £280.

This Project is based mainly on a wide range of Community Development Activities carried out in the URC churches at ChristWell, Carmarthen Road and Gowerton. These activities include: (i) “The Memories Choir” –  for Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers, their carers and members of the local community; (ii) Children’s Club; (iii) Coffee Shop; (iv) “Talkie Thursday” –  lunches for the lonely; (v) Day Services for older people; (vi) “Time-to-Meet” Group –  for those with learning difficulties; (vii) Computer Training for “Silver Surfers”, and (viii) “Unity in Diversity”-  a network and support group for asylum seekers, etc.